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Jonathan Harvey sound sources

Wheel of Emptiness (1997)

Please note that greyed out text is no longer relevant.



- score, keyboard part

- ZIP disk for Emu E-synth

- ZIP file containing all necessary files for keyboard part in Native Instruments Kontakt format


Technical Requirements

- stereo PA, speakers located on stage as per description in score (see below)

- five-octave MIDI keyboard with pitch bend, sustain pedal and two programme change buttons (or equivalent)

- computer with stereo output and MIDI input, running Native Instruments Kontakt or newer

- Emu E-synth sampler with ZIP disk drive (may be hard to source. We recommend that you allow time to locate this hardware well before the performance date)


Electronics Description

From the score (technologically out of date, but take note of speaker placement):


“The Sampler required is an Emulator, preferably an E64, with 8.7 MB of memory. It is triggered by a five-octave MIDI keyboard. The stereo outputs pass via the amplifier to loudspeakers placed within the basic space of the ensemble, behind the Sampler player (so he/she can hear) and sufficiently separated for the panning to be clearly heard by the audience. It is not desirable to have a big system with speakers separated from the players, rather the concept is that the Sampler is just another instrument of the group, judging and controling his own dynamics. A ZIP disk with the samples is available from the publisher. JH.”


The sampler ZIP disk has been updated to EIV format and can be loaded onto an Emu E-synth sampler. From the current ZIP disk cover:


“This disk is a format upgrade of the original disk provided by the composer. Samples have been upgraded from E64 to EIV format. No other changes have been made.


“There are three presets stored in one bank on the disk. The original intention of the composer was that all required presets could be loaded into memory by loading the bank. However, due to a bug in the original files the bank sometimes stalls whilst loading, thus requiring a sampler reboot. To avoid this, it is advised that the two required presets (01 and 02) are loaded individually. Please note that the destination presets should also be 01, and 02, to match the settings marked on the score.”


A ZIP file containing all samples and a text document describing sampler settings is available for reference and is not needed for performance:



Update 21st August 2015

A new ZIP containing a Kontakt 5 Multi of the keyboard part is available. This file contains all the necessary files (including instructions) to perform the keyboard part for Wheel of Emptiness. Requires Kontakt

[Download "Wheel of Emptiness Kontakt Aug"] (size: 242 MB)



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