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Information and Blog on electronic performance materials

Jonathan Harvey sound sources

Jonathan Harvey's Electronic Works

1. Fixed Media Works (in two or more channels) – works where the electronic part is pre-recorded

and played back either on its own or alongside live acoustic performance.

Contact the Hire Library direct to order these materials.


At a Cloud Gathering (2005) for percussion and electronics

Hidden Voice 2 (1999) for 12 instrumentalists and CD

Homage to Cage, … Chopin (und Ligeti ist auch dabei) (1998) for prepared piano and CD

Inner Light 2 (1977) for SSATB soli, instrumental ensemble and ADAT

Mythic Figures (2001) for electronics only

Nachtlied (1984) for soprano, piano and pre-recorded CD

Smiling Immortal (1977) for 11 instrumentalists and CD

Toccata (1980) for organ and pre-recorded tape

Tombeau de Messiaen (1994) for piano and CD



2. Works using original technology/hardware

May require updating if the original technology/hardware is no longer available


Ashes Dance Back (1997) for choir and electronics

Bird Concerto with Pianosong (2001) for solo piano, chamber orchestra and live electronics

Calling across time (1998) for chamber orchestra with electronics

Cello Concerto (1990) for cello and orchestra including electronic keyboard

From Silence (1988) for soprano, 6 instrumentalists and live electronics

Gong-Ring (1984) for 20 instrumentalists and electronics

Imaginings for cello and live electronics

Inquest of Love (1992) An opera, for soloists, chorus, orchestra and live electronics

Madonna of Winter and Spring (1986) for orchestra, synthesizers and live electronics

Mothers Shall Not Cry (2000) for soprano and tenor soloists, female semi-chorus, female chorus, orchestra and live      electronics

One Evening... (1994) for soprano, mezzo soprano, chamber ensemble of 8 instrumentalists and live electronics

Other Presences (2006) for trumpet and electronics

Percussion Concerto (1997) for solo percussion and orchestra with optional reverberation and amplification

Ricercare una melodia (1984-2003) for flute or oboe or clarinet or saxophone or trumpet or trombone or viola or cello and electronics

Soleil Noir/Chitra (1995)  for 9 instrumentalists and electronics

Still (1997) for tuba and electronics

The Summer Cloud's Awakening (2001) for SATB choir, flute, cello and electronics

Two Interludes for an Opera (2003) for soprano & tenor soloists and 22 instrumentalists with live electronics

Valley of Aosta (1988) for 13 instrumentalists and electronics

Wheel of Emptiness (1997) for 16 instrumentalists including electronic keyboards

White as Jasmine (1999) for soprano and large orchestra including electronic keyboards



3. IRCAM originated works

Contact the Hire Library direct to order these materials and for onward referral to IRCAM


Advaya (1994) for cello, electronic keyboard and electronics

Bhakti (1982) for 15 instrumentalists and electronics

Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco (1980) for live electronics

Ritual Melodies (1990) for live electronics

Speakings (2008) for orchestra with live electronics

String Quartet No.4 (2003) with live electronics

Wagner Dream (2006) an opera, for soloists, actors, chorus and 22 instrumentalists with live electronics

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