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Jonathan Harvey sound sources

From Silence (1988)

for soprano, instrumental ensemble, three electronic keyboards and tape



Brief description of electronics


The performed electronic parts are:

- DX7IIFD synthesiser part (with sustain pedal)

- TX816 synthesiser part (with sustain and expression pedals) and Mac Plus computer

- Akai S900 sampler and MIDI keyboard part (with sustain pedal)


In addition:

- live processing of the soprano and violin using 2 SPX 90 processors

- stereo tape playback

- quadraphonic sound projection



Current status as of October 2014


DX7IIFD synthesiser part - DX7IIFD required for performance, presets loaded via floppy disks


TX816 synthesiser part - runs in Ableton Live 9.1 and FM8 1.3.0 on Mac and PC (FM8 instances and MIDI files could be loaded in software other than Ableton Live if required)


Akai S900 sampler and MIDI keyboard part - S900 sampler (or compatible)  required for performance, samples loaded via floppy disks


2x SPX 90 processors - no update, could possibly be run from software but would require SPX90 to check similarity of effects


stereo tape playback - digitised to stereo WAV files





Floppy disks for DX7IIFD and S900 parts are available from Faber Music. TX816 materials (Live set, FM8 KoreSounds and MIDI files) and tape files can be downloaded from 2014 update below.





[ 2014-10-13 Faber Music ]

Most up to date, contains documented TX816 part (using Ableton Live and FM8) and tape part. Please note that this TX816 part has not yet been used in performance, so some tweaking may be needed.


[ 2004-01-01 Birmingham Conservatoire ]

Out of date, contains TX816 part (using Digital Performer and FM7), tape part and Galaxy+ 2.5 preset data for synths. DX7 part seems to have been imported into FM7, but the FM7 preset banks do not contain the correct sounds.


[ From Silence - original technical instructions.pdf ]

From the printed score.

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